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Providing a Awesome Conference Experience

The MODX Weekend 2014 is bringing conferences to the next level. Not only is there a focus on great speakers and equally great sessions, but we are also making sure the attendees are provided the peace of mind to enjoy an all-inclusive treatment.

Tickets for the MODX Weekend include transportation from 2 major transport hubs in the area, three nights in the on-site hotel and all food and drinks throughout the weekend. All the attendees have to do is show up, learn and enjoy.

We're looking for sponsors to improve this experience even more. Below you will find a number of examples, but we would love to hear from you to discuss other options. We're super flexible and looking for a win-win situation for each and every sponsor.

Beer Mat Sponsor

Want to make an impression on our attendees and really get your message across? Why not sponsor the coasters to be used during all evening social events? Simply send us your logo and we'll prepare 1000 beer mats and ensure they are used throughout the event. Leftover beer mats are yours.

Sponsor Fee: €600

Become Beer Mat Sponsor

Video Sponsor

There are thousands of people worldwide who would love to look back footage of the great sessions at this conference. With your help we will provide 20 high quality, professionally edited videos shortly after the conference.

As Video Sponsor, your logo will be prominently added to the intro and outro of each video. You can also bring a roll-up banner and your logo will be added to the site (290x130px).

Sponsor Fee: € 2500

Become Video Sponsor

Friday Meetup Sponsor

Attendees will arrive at the venue on Friday where a dinner buffet will welcome them to the venue, with plenty of opportunity to meet other attendees and an open bar.

As Friday Meetup sponsor we will name the evening after your business. You can place 2 banners in the bar on Friday, and one in the lobby the entire conference and your logo will be added to the website (290x130px). You'll also get one free all-inclusive ticket.

Sponsor Fee: €1500

Sponsor the Friday Meetup

Saturday Party Night Sponsor

After the first conference day, there will be a three-course dinner followed by a party night. An 8-person live band will play disco and dance classics the entire evening, there will be fussball tables and we're looking at getting a few stand-up comedians for some laughs, too.

As Saturday Party Night sponsor, you help us organising this party and therefore it will be named after you. There's room for 2 banners in the bar on Saturday and one in the lounge the entire conference. You also get a logo (290x290px) on the website and a free all-inclusive ticket.

Sponsor Fee: €2500

Sponsor the Party Night

Sunday Social Sponsor

With two tracks and 14 sessions, Sunday is a long day. To end it there will be a BBQ in the bar area, with open bar and live lounge band.

As Sunday Social sponsor, you are the last thing attendees hear about at the conference. There's room for 2 banners on Sunday in the bar and one in the lounge during the entire event, the Sunday Social will your name attached to it, a logo (290x130px) will be placed on the website, you get one free all-inclusive ticket, and you get to award the prizes to the fussball tournament winners.

Sponsor Fee: €2000

Sponsor the Sunday Social

Event Sponsors

Aside from the other sponsor options for specific items or activities, your help towards the general budget is also tremendously appreciated. There are plenty of ideas to improve the conference for which we need additional budget where your help can make the difference.

We have packages starting at €250 with perks like website logos, banner placements (lounge, conference room or even near the stage), discounted or free tickets, social media and in person mentions, etc. We can also distribute flyers or merch to each of the rooms or you can set up a sponsor stand in the lounge.

Please get in touch to discuss your budget and the possibilities.

Discuss the Possibilities

Sponsors make the MODX Weekend 2014 possible!

The MODX Weekend 2014 is a one-of-a-kind project and a conference you don't want to miss. We are only able of making it happen thanks to the generous contributions of our sponsors. If you would like your brand in front of 50+ dedicated developers and designers from all over the world, check our sponsor information and get in touch!