Our plans for Video

The Schedule for the MODX Weekend is looking really awesome if I can say so myself, with great sessions from great speakers. But not everyone is able to attend: either the ticket price is more than what they can afford, or they're far away from the location, or both.

To accommodate those people, and to provide a long-lasting record of the great content during the conference, we have contracted a video company to record and edit high quality video footage of the sessions. This video is expected to become available within 2-3 weeks after the conference, and will be available from our website. 

The video will initially be behind what I call a Crowdfund Paywall. Basically, anyone that did not attend will need to pay to help cover the costs of the video, until the costs are covered. A single one-time payment of an amount of your choice will give you streaming access to all MODX Weekend videos, and when we hit the target on October 27th, we take the Paywall down and enable embedding. 

The Details

High quality video will be recorded and edited, and made available online within a week or 2-3 after the conference. This video will be available for streaming via our website. This will be free for attendees, but everyone else will be greeted by the crowdfund paywall until we reach the goal of €2000. On October 27th, if the goal is reached, we take the paywall down so everyone can watch all videos freely. 

Like with crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, you can help make something great happen, except there's little risk for the contributors as when the paywall goes up we will have already completed the rewards and you will get instant access as soon as the payment comes through. 

Streaming access to the video will be available on a "name your price" basis (with a minimum of €10), and the higher the amount, the more benefits we throw in. Here are the different levels we're working with (though subject to change):

€ 10-24Full and unlimited streaming access to all MODX Weekend videos
€ 25-49All the above, plus a text mention in the list of contributors
€ 50-99All the above, including a follow link to your personal or business site, 1 invite code
€ 100-149All the above, but with a small logo (125x50px) instead of text, 2 invite codes
€ 150-249All the above, including a free Premium Extra license of your choice, 3/4 invite codes
€ 250All the above, but with a big logo (250x110px) instead of a small logo, 5 invite codes
over € 250Negotiable, send Mark an email.

The list of contributors will be visible on each video page. 

If we hit the goal before October 27th, the paywall will be taken down, and all video will be available freely for everyone. The list of contributors will remain in place.

Why charge for video?

Simply put: good video is expensive. The conference is losing money overall because the initial budget anticipated more sold tickets than we actually did, and after redoing the budget there simply wasn't any money left for the originally contracted video. 

That didn't make me happy though, so I kept my ears open for any recommended and more affordable videographers, and once I found one I've been trying to find a sponsor to cover the video costs. Unfortunately I couldn't find any sponsors willing to contribute that significant amount either.

Which left the choice. Either no video, or find another way to cover the costs. 

The Crowfund Paywall provides that way of covering the costs, while still keeping the video as accessible as possible. Those that are strapped on cash only need to pay €10 for access to all footage (peanuts compared to the ticket price that attendees paid), while others with a larger budget can decide to help tear down the paywall sooner by paying a larger amount, in exchange for a mini sponsorship and acknowledgement as contributor. 

We're expecting the video to come online in early October. But first, back to preparing for coming weekend.

Mark Hamstra

Mark is the CEA at modmore where he helps people doing more with MODX. He accomplishes this by providing premium extras with great support and documentation, and other initiatives meant to help MODXers around, like MODX.today.