New Sponsors: SimpleCart & ThemesMODX

I'm super stoked two announce that Bert Oost from SimpleCart and Menno Pietersen from ThemesMODX have agreed to sponsoring the MODX Weekend! The goal of sponsors is to help cover the costs of the conference, but also to add more value to your experience. And that's exactly what these two awesome people are doing!

Free SimpleCart License (worth €99!)

Bert will be providing each attendee with a free SimpleCart license during the conference, worth €99 + VAT! 

SimpleCart is a native e-commerce extra for MODX that lets you build webshops using tools you are already using in MODX, so you don't have to learn a new syntax. Your entire shop is managed from within the manager. 

Coupon codes to claim your free SimpleCart license will be distributed during the event. 

To make the most out of your free SimpleCart license, Bert is also giving a presentation! On Sunday at 14:45 in the Front-end track he will be talking about building a webshop with SimpleCart. He will also give an exclusive first look at the new 2.2 release which brings a lot of really cool new features to SimpleCart.

50% Discount on CORPO Theme

Menno recently launched his ThemesMODX themes shop and now he is sponsoring the MODX Weekend with branded water bottles, as well as giving a 50% discount on his CORPO theme! 

CORPO is a multi-purpose MODX template. It is responsive, ships with 19 templates providing a wealth of layout variations and over 40 settings to manage the colors, footer contents and other theme details with ClientConfig. It's a great starting point for further customisation or having a full MODX site up in no time. It has a fully functional blog, search and more out of the box features. Check out the video below for a complete overview of the theme. 

As with SimpleCart, you will also receive your coupon code to claim 50% off at the MODX Weekend in September.

If you don't have your ticket yet, grab your ticket today! With these two sponsor freebies and the free ContentBlocks license on purchase, you are now getting close to €200 in free licenses with your ticket, on top of an all inclusive package with hotel and more. 

Mark Hamstra

Mark is the CEA at modmore where he helps people doing more with MODX. He accomplishes this by providing premium extras with great support and documentation, and other initiatives meant to help MODXers around, like